Anna Smith | September 11 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM | Room 3010A

The global issue of human sex trafficking is well­ known. Yet America, one of the richest countries in the world, fails to recognize the vast number of males that are affected by this abusive phenomenon. Simply stated, such atrocity cannot be tolerated. We must bridge the gap and offer reconciliation. "BOYS?" speaks to just that, answering the gruesome facts concerning male sex trafficking and speaking to the question of what hope looks like for survivors. Restore One has crafted something unique. As they are opening The Anchor House, the first safe home in the nation for boys who've been sexually trafficked. Their programming is one of a kind. The recovery model, titled The HOPE Model, walks boys through their story of trafficking by allowing space to grieve and rage over the harm done to their heart and body. The HOPE Model uses poetry, yoga and art as gateways for the boys to heal and express emotion. "BOYS?" teaches about what care for boys who've been sexually trafficked looks like and how care providers can make tangible steps to offer help and healing. Visit to learn about Restore One

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