Shadow in the Heartland: Film & Discussion

Steve Feazel & Gunther Meisse | September 11 | 10:15 - 11:15 AM | Room Ingman

Shadow on the Heartland is a 30 minute film on sexual trafficking in Ohio. It features Rep Teresa Fedor, Gov. John Kasich, Dr. Celia Williamson, Judge Paul Herbert, survivors, an ex pimp and two undercover police officers. The film is designed to show to children and teens in schools and youth groups to educate them about this crime and learn how to prevent becoming a victim. The film also can raise the awareness of this crime among the general public. The film can be used as a resource tool for organizations fighting sexual trafficking. Camille & Haley Harris, two young recording artists, from Tulsa narrate the film and present their song "Slavery" which will likely become the banner song of the anti-sexual trafficking movement.

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