Health Service for People Who Buy Sex

Anders Royneberg | September 11 | 1:30 - 2:30 PM | Room 2582

Sex og Samfunn (Medical Center of Adolescent Sexuality) is the biggest clinic for sexual health in Norway and it has approximately 25.000 patients annually. Sex og Samfunn works mainly with testing and treatment for STI`s and contraceptives for adolescents up to 25 years.

Currently they have a project at the clinic that focuses on prevention with people who buy sex. The service offers testing of STI`s and therapeutic treatment for those who want to quit buying sex or just want to talk about their experiences with buying sex. The service is open for all sexes, ages and for partners to people who buy sex.

In addition, the clinic offers an interactive chat on their website where people who buy sex anonymously can write questions and get answers. This service is funded by the Department of Justice in Norway and is an action to prevent prostitution, human trafficking and the spread of STI`s. In Norway, it is legal to sell sex, but illegal to buy sex. The service aims to help the ones who want to quit buying sex to find alternatives to buying.

The clinic believes in meeting the sex buyers free of judgment. This opens a rare opportunity to talk about difficult subjects and enables the sex buyers to reflect upon their own practice and behavior. The clinic works systematically to obtain knowledge about people who buy sex and try to provide for their physical and mental health, with the aim to reduce the amount of people who buy sex in Norway and reduce the spread of STI`s. To achieve these goals Sex og Samfunn collects data from their patients so that we obtain more knowledge and information about this group. The idea is that this data will give a better foundation for knowing how to provide the best service, to address prevention.

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