Effects of Client Suicide and Suicide Attempts on Clinicians: Just & Ethical Responses Needed from Clinician Supervisors and Administrators

Lisa Belton & Celia Williamson | September 23 | 10:10 - 11:10 AM | Room 3018

This study focused on the impact of client suicide and suicide attempt on clinicians, organizational responses, and effects on future clinical practice. Participants involved in the study were clinicians based in various regions in Ohio that experienced at least one suicide or attempted suicide. The purpose of the study was to better understand the experiences of clinicians and to recommend appropriate formal and informal responses to support them. Confidential qualitative interviews lasting between one and two hours each were conducted with 60 clinicians from various regions in Ohio. Clinicians were asked to discuss their most distressing case, why it was the most distressing, how they were affected, how it affected their practice, the types of supports they received, and recommendations for clinicians, supervisors, and administrators. Findings include a number of experiences, effects, and recommendations.


·         To provide information on the impact of suicide/suicide attempt on clinicians.

·         To provide information on a range of helpful and least helpful organizational responses.

·         To provide recommendations for providing support for clinicians that experience a suicide or suicide attempt.

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