Sex Work as Self-Care

Lindsay Blewett | September 22 | 2:45 - 3:45 PM | Room 2584

This presentation analyzes the experiences of a disabled sex worker and argues for an understanding of the experiences of sex work as a form of self-care. Sex work can function as a form of self-care by affirming one’s sense of self; by providing for basic necessities; by assisting one to realize their personal goals; by allowing one to work out trauma and providing access to community. Finally, sex work is a political act of resistance to capitalist modes of labor that can be exclusive. Additionally, this presentation examines the rarely theorized intersection of sex work and disability from the position of a disabled sex worker; an attempt to create space for an absent subject. This presentation will add to the growing body of scholarly first-person sex work narratives (Love 2013; Redwood 2013; JJ 2013; Johnson 1999; Frank 2002) and add more sex worker voices to the conversation about sex work.

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