Making Human Trafficking A National Priority: A Comparison Between the United States of America, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa

Joseph Chidiebere Osuigwe, BEd & Lewis Olatunji, PhD candidate | September 20 | 9:00-10:00 AM

Topic: Research, International | Knowledge Level: Advanced | Location: TBD

Human trafficking is one of the worst human rights abuses affecting Africa and the world. Also, human trafficking continues to be a big problem in the United States of America, affecting majority of states. Human trafficking is alive and well in the United States, just as it is in Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa. Most of the trafficked victims are children, vulnerable women, and girls usually deceived into conditions of suffering. This presentation expounds the need to make human trafficking a national priority and compares the level of commitment by the United States of America, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa to ending human trafficking. It examines the efforts of state and federal government in tackling human trafficking, and provides recommendations. The efforts of the United States of America, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa in tackling human trafficking were documented through discussions and interviews with anti-human trafficking experts, state and federal government agencies, and citizens. The presenters also gathered facts from published researches and articles. The findings from the study showed that not many countries have shown a high level of commitment to combating human trafficking. Most of the countries have not demonstrated sustainable commitment in action and result that shows human trafficking is a national priority. This also indicates the need to call on government of countries to demonstrate sincere political will and commitment in tackling human trafficking.

Presentation Objectives:

·  Discuss the rate of human trafficking in United States of America, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa and their efforts in combating it

·  Discuss “making the fight of human trafficking a national priority” and the need for both state and federal government to show strong political will and commitment to ending the menace

·  Describe how countries can make anti-human trafficking a national priority

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