The Human Figure and Emotions

Art Exhibit | September 21-22

This exhibit features the work of high school students ranging from 13 to 18 years old, as they experiment with various media and techniques. The students’ work shows a range of emotions through the use of color, value, and contrast while dealing with the human figure. The selfies display students' expressiveness and portrayal of emotion through body language, color, pattern, and line. Students primarily used monoprinting techniques. This process allowed the students to change colors and their artistic style based on the emotion they expressed. Senior Studio students used Jaume Plensa as an inspiration for this project. Plensa is a Spanish sculptor whose work unifies individuals through spirituality and collective memory. His installation, "Human Landscape," was recently exhibited at the Toledo Museum and focused on the human figure in various media. Seniors used chicken wire as media, as it is strong enough to structurally form the human figure, but is made up of holes and allows light to pass through. Students played with this juxtaposition of elements as they explored the human figure and human relationships. Beginning art students drew eyes, stripping away facial features to focus on one single part of their appearance. Students enlarged their eyes, keeping a similar scale and proportion. Displayed together they show similarities in shape, drawing materials, and technique, but a closer look shows emotions and unique individuals. When you view this exhibit, try to imagine the teenagers who created this work, the choices made by each individual, and the various emotions that are conveyed.

About the Artists

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