Art Exhibit: Weaving the Threads of Survival Though Hope

Art Exhibit | September 21-22

The artists in this exhibit are adult, mental health consumers from Unison Health, Inc., The Zeph Center, and NAMI of Greater Toledo, Creative Expressions program. The artists’ images share personal journeys and universal common ground. Images hold the tension of their struggle and also the illumination of new strength and opportunity. Throughout history, art making has been a powerful means to regain balance, stabilize crisis, and form potential. Creating art calls one to action: to question, to choose, to organize, to express. When the artist faces an empty canvas, the duality of emptiness and opportunity is felt. As the artist picks up the paint brush and begins to paint, a commitment to forming, reforming, and transforming begins. As the artist stands back and gazes at the work in progress, further personal dialogue with the self is made possible. Perhaps reflection on extremes, such as dark and light, violence and safety, loneliness and trust, are prompted by the painting. Perhaps consideration of chaos into order, or shattered into healing, is further contemplated. Concepts of justice, respect, loyalty, peace, or compassion may be more fully developed. The images may call one to question, to action, to connect deeply with one’s soul, or to reach out in a new way to the community. While viewing the exhibit, the artists hopes you: 1) Gain awareness of the range and depth of mental health challenges; 2) Discover and see the power in communicating hope and healing; and 3) Consider actions you might take to create hope and support mental health recovery.

About the Artists

Consumer Artists from 3 Community Agencies

Exhibit Coordinator:  Carol Coder, MA, ATR-BC, LPCC

Exhibit Coordinator: Carol Coder, MA, ATR-BC, LPCC

Stacy Spinazze, BS

Stacy Spinazze, BS

Creative Expressions:  Kristen Zientek, MSW, LSW

Creative Expressions: Kristen Zientek, MSW, LSW

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