Survivor Story

Gina Hope | September 22 | 2:45-3:45 PM | Room 2584

Gina Hope will share her personal story of being sold by her mother and held for over four years by a gang until escaping only to be trafficked by those she thought were her rescuers. Her road to healing has created a desire in her to help others. Everyone has trials in life, but all can overcome. Gina has begun research and will speak about what may make children vulnerable to traffickers and how abusers are able to use PAS to get away with, and in some cases, continue abuse. The presenter will also discuss prevention for middle school children, which is a targeted age range for American traffickers. For example, prevention could cover how middle school children have to catch the bus in the dark, blocks away from their homes, but next to a place where traffickers have previously approached children.

Presentation Objectives:

·       Share her personal story of trafficking

·       Describe areas of prevention for middle school children

About the Presenter