DID...Living/Surviving/Thriving with Non-Integrated Personalities: A Survivor’s Perspective

Ann Marie Babb | September 22 | 10:15-11:15 AM | Room 2591

Ann Marie Babb is a Satanic Ritual Abuse and Human Trafficking survivor who was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in her early 30's, and has spent the last 25 years navigating the mental health maze looking for help. She will talk about her experience and the fact that integration was not an option for her. She challenges the mental health community to think outside the box and that integration is not the only answer or cure for DID. She will use her past experience as an educational experience about DID and be transparent about coping and surviving with DID.

Presentation Objectives:

·       Share her personal experience with trauma and recovery

·       Explain her challenges in living with DID

About the Presenter