A Starting Point: Accompanying Human Trafficking Survivors Using Trauma-Informed Practices in the United States

Sarah Warpinski Ladd & Laurel Neufeld Weaver | September 22 | 1:30 - 2:30 PM | Room Ingman

This presentation redefines what the trauma-informed care model looks like when accompanying survivors of human trafficking. The content builds on the Trafficking Conference 2015 session, “Lessons Learned in Providing Trauma-Informed Services to Human Trafficking Survivors” and is based on an article on this topic by the presenters. The presenters recently conducted a conference on accompaniment of trauma survivors in Central America, where one of their principle learnings was the power of accompaniment as a tool when working with trafficking survivors. The presentation comes from the multidisciplinary perspective of the presenters, and will develop and apply five core Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP’s) that service providers, academics, and policy makers can utilize in improving response to all forms of human trafficking. The heart of the TIP’s is to view service provision as accompaniment of survivors by creating safety and reciprocity with, for, and among survivors and service providers. The purpose of this workshop is to engage practitioners in developing an anti-trafficking response that give survivors something to move towards, not just something to escape from.

In this intermediate- to advanced-level workshop, participants will accomplish the following objectives:

·         Learn a new framework for creating a survivor-driven trauma-informed care model;

·         Discover and discuss specific Trauma-informed Practices for accompanying human trafficking survivors while providing assistance after exiting the trafficking situation;

Engage law enforcement, policy makers, service providers, academics, and survivors in improving the anti-trafficking response by learning techniques to create safety and reciprocity with and among survivors and responders.

About the Presenters