The Presence of Indicators of Human Trafficking in Asian Massage Parlors in Jackson County (MI)

Jeremy Norwood & Clarissa Grimes | September 22 | 1:30 - 2:30 PM | Room 3010A

This presentation will focus on the hours spent researching the presence of indicators of human trafficking in massage parlors in Jackson County, Michigan. The presentation will begin with a review of the relevant literature on Asian massage parlors, proceed with the research questions set out to answer, continue with the methodological approach employed, and then conclude with the data collected. The purpose of this presentation is to expand awareness of how Asian massage parlors function, their connection with organized crime, and explore whether or not their employees may be victims of human trafficking. Finally, the possibilities for future research and scholarship on the study of Asian massage parlors as venues for human trafficking in Southern Michigan, as well as potential obstacles to continuing this type of research will be discussed.

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